about me

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the personal website/portfolio from Sandy and Gillyan.

We are passionate about design, promotion, illustration, 2d/3d animation, marketing and more.

Sandy is active in the music and entertainment industry since 1999 as a graphic designer, flash developer, all-star promoter, media outlet, online marketer, personal assistant and more.

Gillyan just finished school and now a pro graphic designer.

Please take a look around on our website to see what we are up to in daily life and what we can create and do for you.

We are always looking for people to network and work with, so if you need someone who is able to:

create an album cover, flyer, business card etc.

maintain your website

maintain your social media accounts

translate any work

review your websites/shops from a user perspective

help you with SEO work

and more… then please feel free to contact us through

email: rebelvision@gmail.com


Kind Regards,

Sandy & Gillyan de la Bretoniere



  • We can submit a personal CV and references per request