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I can write effective and unique text content for any business ( short articles or blog postings) and/or distribute content. Below a list of the products/services i wrote articles for:

Cleaning ( Smoke – Water damage cleaning )
Hotels ( Hotel reviews )
Scrubs ( medical and regular designers scrubs )
Internet ( internet products / service )
Satelite Internet
Satelite TV (dish – products services
Direct TV ( tv packages, HD receivers and more)
TV Channels & Programs ( such as CBS Crime Mind TV, CSI, BET, MTV and more)
Social Media & fundraising
Insurance (Professional & Management Liability, Property & Casualty and more)
Glamour Fashion Magazines
Furniture ( kitchen and dining )
Electricity providers
Hearing Aids (products and services)
General Home Safety and Security
Marketing Materials (posters, cards etc)
Gaming ( Xbox, Playstation etc)
……..The List goes on

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